An expelled worker has been condemned to six months behind bars, 30 lashes and a financial fee of 90 million rials (around $2,800) for disrupting public order.

“According to the lawyer of Ehsani Rad, the expelled worker of the Sove Pipe Company, the ruling issued for him can be appealed in a province appeals court, and it is natural that this appeals court will issue its opinion. Yet what has raised our protest is the inhumane nature of the lashing ruling… In the past few years other workers have also been sentenced to lashing… such rulings have stirred much hatred in our society… Lashing hardworking people is tantamount to insulting humanity and intended to silence voices speaking out for what is right,” the statement reads.

“We demand the lashing ruling issued for Shapour Ehsani Rad to be revoked,” the statement adds.

Source » ncr-iran