As the poverty has spread among women, the state-run authorities and media called this phenomenon as a common term of “the feminization of poverty”.

Poverty prevails among women; however, the breadwinner women are severely stricken with indigence. This issue stems from the lootings and plunders made by the Iran regime.

According to the official figures and as the head of Welfare Organization, Anooshiravan Mohseni stipulated, there are 3 million and 200 breadwinning women in the country (Mehr News, July 12, 2017). On the other hand, the female MP, Tayebeh Siavashi stated that this figure is variable and it is sometimes estimated at 5 million women (Majlis News, August 12, 2017).

Discrimination and equality, unemployment, lack of social security for women are the three main issues that any breadwinner woman encounters. Other problems such as the lack of freedom and choice, the lack of social status as well as poverty and economic exclusion also exist.

Most breadwinner women are living in outskirts without any house or job and they cannot afford the living expenses. These women are the victims of plunders made by the regime. They are struggling with various problems and the authorities do not support them. 82% of them are unemployed and cannot gain livelihood for their families.

Another female MP, Zahra Saei acknowledged that there is not a single law governing the bread-winning women to provide special support for these women and there is not a certain government custodian for this matter.

As Zahra Saei stated, “These women only obtain a small amount of money monthly” (Mehr News, January 16, 2017).

It is very difficult for these women to lead the life in such situation because the cost of living increases annually and even by each month. They cannot afford to gain livelihood at all.

Many girls are trying to earn the livelihood of the family by peddling in the streets for a variety of reasons such as the death of their guardian or disability of the mother.

As the Deputy of Social Affairs of the Welfare Organization stated, 5.5% of bread-winning women consists of single girls that are forced to earn livelihood with low incomes due to the lack of job security in the country (IRNA News, August 11, 2017).

The media and officials, in particular, the authorities of the Welfare Organization referred to the issues that are also related to breadwinner women. The plunderer regime is the blatant blame for this catastrophe. These women are the victims of indigence, discrimination, and equality of the regime.

Source » ncr-iran