On Monday morning August 14 The Iran regime hanged three inmates in a central prison in Qom.

The three detainees were transferred to the quarantine facility of Qom Prison yesterday to execute the death sentence.

Twenty-one years ago two of these prisoners were sentenced to three years in prison and flogged, and then released, but they were again arrested when the case was opened, and they were held in Qom prison until their death sentence was executed.

The names of these prisoners were “Mahmoud Arab Khorasani, Mehdi Kasseb and Mohammad Taqi Dehparvar”, who were from Qom and resident of this city.

The families of these prisoners were summoned to prison on Sunday for their last visit.

Last week, the 18 year old son of Mahmoud Arab Khorasani committed suicide when he heard that his father had been sent for execution, but he was saved by his family attempts.

Source » ncr-iran