An Iranian minor offender was hanged this morning in a northwestern prison. Arsalan Yasini was 17 when arrested 12 years ago.

The young man was taken to a solitary cell yesterday to await his execution in Urmia Prison according to human rights groups.

Arsalan Yasini was been kept in the correction facility for a year after his arrest for the “murder” of his grandparents.

He was hanged at dawn today because those who pressed charges against him, including his own father, did not agree to halt the execution.

Iran has the highest executions per capita in the world and continues to executed minor offenders.

Iranian courts are notorious for their lack of due process and offenders are usually coerced into making confessions against themselves.

From 2014 to the end of 2017, Iran executed at least 25 people for crimes committed when they were children, according to Amnesty International and Iran Human Rights. In 2018 alone, Iran executed seven people for crimes they allegedly committed as children.

Source » irannewswire