Iranian Defense Minister Muhammad Hatami said on Sunday, “we are ready to meet Lebanon’s weapons needs, but the choice remains with them.”

“You will see next week. Trump intends to reimpose international sanctions against Iran
on the occasion of the Iranian Defense Industries Day,” he declared.

“The dear Lebanese people are our friends and we have helped them during the resistance and we help everyone who resists Israel’s injustice, and given the good conditions we enjoy in producing weapons, we are ready to meet Lebanon’s weapons needs, but the choice remains with them,” he added on the topic.

Iran has offered to arm Lebanon with air defenses and other types of weapons in the past; however, the Lebanese government has refrained from accepting these arms due to the threat of sanctions from the U.S.

Regarding the UAE and Israel agreement to normalize relations, the Iranian minister said: “The Zionist entity is an entity that usurps and fights children and evil in every sense of the word. It will create a state of insecurity and they bear responsibility for that, and it will harm them.”

The Minister of Defense said that “Iran does not have any foreign ambitions, but at the same time it possesses an effective deterrent force.”

Turning to the rapid regional and global developments on the occasion of the Defense Industries Day, he said, “These developments put us in front of a changing environment, which requires us to deal with these changes properly.”

He announced that “next Friday will witness the unveiling of new products in the defense industries, while new achievements will be announced in the field of missile, air defense, drones and naval power over the second half of the current Iranian year (ending March 20, 2021).”

He pointed out that Iran’s defense industries meet 90% of the country’s defense needs, and no threat or embargo will affect its defense capabilities.

Source » almasdarnews