The Iranian regime has shocked the world by choosing to appoint an internationally wanted person as Iran’s new interior minister.

The same man is accused internationally of being involved in terrorist attacks in a number of countries.

New Iranian President, Ibrahim Raisi, has introduced his cabinet lineup to the Iranian parliament for approval.

The lineup includes Ahmad Vahidi as an interior minister. The parliament is due to debate the proposed lineup until Saturday.

It will then vote on the lineup during a public session.

Vahidi is accused by the judiciary of Argentine of playing a key role in a July 1994 attack against the Argentine-Israeli Association in Buenos Aires.

International Police, widely known as Interpol, has issued an arrest warrant for him.

Argentine was one of several countries demonstrating against the selection of Vahidi to be the new Iranian interior minister.

The Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a strongly-worded statement, in which it expressed strong condemnation of the appointment of Ahmed Vahidi to a ministerial position in Iran.

It said the selection of this man for the interior portfolio in Iran constitutes an ‘insult’ to the judiciary.

It added that the same selection makes little of the pains of the victims of the association attack.

Anger at the potential appointment of Vahidi as Iran’s interior minister comes as conditions continue to deteriorate inside Iran, with anger piling up against the regime against the background of worsening social and economic conditions.

Protests erupted in a number of Iranian cities, including against water shortages, but these protests were met with violence from Iranian authorities.

This is putting the Iranian regime at the center of accusations that it is committing massacres against its people.

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