Mehrab Eyvazi, an adolescent who was arrested at the age of 17 with nine others, was sentenced to death by the regime’s court for murder. According to reports, in addition to being severely beaten and mayhem in a police station, he is also threatened with rape.

Mr. Eyvazi was under the age of 18 at the time of his arrest, but the forensic court confirmed his rational and mental development in spite of his minor age, which provided the ground for the issue of the death sentence.

A member of Mehrab’s family, in an interview, said: “Mehrab, along with others, was taken to the Intelligence office (detention) after being arrested. They did not allow him to communicate with his family for a long time. He did not even have a lawyer, and was beaten so much during the interrogation that he could not even move.”

This informed source said: “Mehrab, after finding contact with the family, said that they made him get naked and forced him to lie down on the ground while filming him with a baton and some humiliating behaviours threatening him with rape.”

“Mehrab even told these to the judge and said the confession was taken under pressure, but the judge told him that these things do not happen in the Islamic system and implicitly accused Mehrab of lying.”

“Mehrab explained to her family about the experience of attending forensic medicine and how his mental growth was confirmed. He said: “They asked just a few simple questions about me and my case, like what did you do outside, and why you did not go to school to study, then another doctor came and just looked at me head to toe, something less than took less than a minute and so this is how they diagnosed my rational and mental growth!”

Mehrab’s mental growth and rational was diagnosed by the forensics while other teenagers of the same case who are even older than him were diagnosed as lacking enough rational and mental growth.

Eyvazi’s family explained that the plaintiff pointed out that there was no rape and the allegations against Mehrab has been caused by a misunderstanding and announced his consent and forgiveness to the court.

Currently, three of the defendants in this case, including Mehrab Eyvazi, are under the death sentence in Ardebil adult prison.

Source » ncr-iran