Gholamhossein Bagherian, deputy director for planning and supervision in Iran Airports Company (IAC), pointed to construction of new airports in Ahwaz and Chabahar explaining that presence of an airport in Chabahar is strategic though not necessarily profitable.

“Talks with France and Italy over expansion of airports and building new airport infrastructures have yielded good outcomes and they will hopefully become finalized by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (to end March 21).”

The official stressed that public tender will be invited for investment in construction Ahwaz and Chabahar; “as such, Chinese, German or Japanese investors are also likely to take part in the projects.”

“For construction of new airports, the issue of profitability is not at stake and investment will be carried out within Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Contracts,” he continued.

IAC deputy head recalled that a piece of land near the southwestern city of Ahwaz had been allocated for the new airport project commenting that “construction of Chabahar will be carried out in line with the Leader’s emphasis on development of Makran coast and the measure is deemed strategically necessary though not economically profitable.”

On odds of tsunami hitting Makran coasts and ways to predict necessary measures, the official said “key economic centers have been constructed in the coastal city and all safety aspects will be taken into account as regards budding of an airport in the region though tsunami-related issues do not fall within jurisdiction of IAC.

“Relevant organizations are required to investigate likelihood of tsunami and subsequent measures,” highlighted the official recalling that airport construction is carried out in accordance with climate and environmental studies.

It is noteworthy that Iran Airports Company (IAC) yesterday signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with Munich and Frankfurt airports for investment in construction of new airports in Ahwaz and Chabahar.

Source » mehrnews