The passage of time has shown that despite all the claims by Iran’s government, its nuclear centrifuges and the people’s lives revolve are in two contra directions, and inevitably the regime is in a stage whereby it is forced to sacrifice one of them for the other, and its dream of using the nuclear power of an economic boom has been blown away.

Therefore, it has no other path. Without showing flexibility in its past positions, negotiations will not lead to the lifting of sanctions, and without the lifting of sanctions, the deterioration of the economy will increase day by day.

And as the economy deteriorates, the resilience of oppressed people drops to zero, leading them to any kind of protest and revolt, which eventually leads to either chaos or widespread repression, both of which are catastrophic for the political system, as many of the regime’s officials are now warning on it.

On August 14, 2021, the state-run website Asr-e-Iran wrote about the ominous phenomenon of garbage collectors in Iran: “These days, we are witnessing an increase in garbage collection in cities and villages. This phenomenon is the result of bad economic conditions and increasing social harm. Garbage collection is becoming a challenge in the country.”

The secretary of the Tehran Food Union, referring to the unbridled prices, said: “Since the beginning of the year, we have seen a 90% increase in the price of sugar, a 35% increase in the price of oil, a 30% increase in the price of rice and a 20% increase in the price of beans and other items.”

Regime officials also report a 20 to 30 percent increase in meat prices from this autumn. Exorbitant meat prices have led many people to remove meat from their tables.

Report on raising meat prices:

The price of red meat is such that many Iranians cannot afford to buy meat. However, the state-run news agency ISNA reported that red meat is still more expensive and wrote that the meat price will rise about 20 to 30 percent in the autumn and its price will reach 150,000 tomans per kilogram.

One of the reasons for the increase in meat prices is government policy.

Previously, a kilo of domestic meat was about 74,000 tomans, but the state mafia tried to import foreign meat and approved the price of 120,000 tomans.

This action led to higher prices for domestic meat. The director of the Central Livestock Union said in March 2021 that the government was importing meat without using the country’s meat reserves. This shows that the purpose of the import is not the need of the country, but its profitability for the government mafia.

Three other reasons for rising meat prices:

Smuggling to other countries.
The role of government brokers and intermediaries.
And the severe shortage of livestock input.

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