Iran’s Homa, Air France sign contract

Air France signed an agreement with Iran’s state-owned airline, known as Iran Air or Homa on April 18.
French Transport Minister Alain Vidalies held a press conference with his Iranian counterpart Abbas Akhoundi.
“We will cooperate on airplane orders and airport maintenance,” Vidalies said, Trend’s correspondent reported from the event.
“Another contract also was signed regarding railroads,” Vidalies said. “Next week we will review the funding methods and small and mid-size companies.”
Vidalies led a business delegation to Tehran from Paris on the first Air France flight in that destination in 8 years.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visited Paris in January. During the visit Iran and France’s Airbus signed $27 billion-worth memorandum of understanding to purchase aircraft.
The western sanctions on Iran was lifted in mid-January after implementation of the nuclear deal, but Vidalies says the banking problems regarding Iran still exist.
In turn Abbas Akhondi said that the contract between Homa and Air France will be finalized shortly. He added that a contract on redesigning and rebuilding rail stations in Tehran, Mashhad and Qom cities was also signed.
He said that Tehran-Qom-Isfahan railroad would be constructed by China, but “we reached good agreements with France on engineering and fleet provision for the railroad”.

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