The sanctioned foreign minister, the Islamic regime’s terror courier enters Sweden.

The egregious human rights violations of the Islamic regime are too much to count, they began with terror and murder and they have continued their destructive behavior.

If one asks the regime’s foreign minister regarding its human rights violations, He definitely laughs and mocks the questions. He blatantly lies in front of cameras, but it’s now clear that their answers regarding the human rights have no value.

People are regularly executed in Iran publicly or otherwise; In the last two months alone 70 people have been hanged in Iran, Of course Javad Zarif flatly denies these facts and even if he doesn’t he brings up the issue of ‘ their own rules and sovereignty.’

He will probably have another answer and will come up with the pretext that he doesn’t work in the Islamic regime’s Ministry of Justice and it’s not his realm. Maybe Khomeinist regime’s foreign minister is not aware of the fact that human rights are universal, inherent and inalienable.

The terror courier of the Islamic regime expects the Western countries to ignore the regime’s gross human rights violations and see the Islamic regime through another lens.

Mr. Zarif denies that Dr. Ahmad Reza Jalali, an Iranian-Swedish researcher and medical doctor was arrested while visiting Iran to attend a scientific conference, has been held in solitary confinement for more than three years on unsubstantiated charges of “espionage” with a death sentence.

The regime that Javad Zarif represents executes, murders, tortures, incarcerates and terrorizes Iranians on a daily basis. In recent weeks three women who protested the compulsory hijab have been sentenced to combined prison terms of 55 years.

Without a shadow of doubt these barbaric acts are perpetrated according to the codes of the Islamic law or Sharia which by the way Mr. Zarif adheres to.

Making threats and exporting terrorism are other aspects of the Islamic regime that apparently Mr. Zarif is unaware of … Meanwhile reports by The Telegraph and Daily Star highlight the extent of the Iran-backed massive network of terrorist cells that ‘ are ready to strike UK.’

Islamic regime’s president threatened the West with more terrorist attacks, a “deluge” of drugs, refugees and bombs. Terror plots, extremism, belligerence and creating chaos have been hallmarks of the Islamic regime since its ominous inception.

The fact that Javad Zarif, who is the world’s only sanctioned Foreign Minister, denies these facts and avoids responsibility further proves that he is the titular head of the Khomeinist regime’s Foreign Ministry.

The important question is that what is after in his trip to Sweden? What does the representative of a malignant regime has to offer?

At the end if accepting Javad Zarif, an accomplished liar and fabricator who denies and ridicules the human rights is not partnership with terror masters, then what that could be called.

Source » timesofisrael