Amid hijab crackdown targeting women in Iran, videos showing Islamic regime officials engaging in illicit sexual relations circulate on social media.

In the latest incident, a video surfaced on a Telegram channel showing a sexual encounter purportedly involving Mohammad Masoudianfar, a high-ranking state broadcaster (IRIB) official. The video is said to have been recorded secretly in his office.

It has been reported that both individuals featured in the video are married and have children. Intriguingly, both figures are associated with the Basij forces. Additionally, Masoudianfar holds a senior role within the state Television department dedicated to promoting hijab.

Notably, the state-run broadcasting organization operates under the oversight of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

In recent weeks, a Telegram channel named Radio Gilan, administered by Payman Behboudi, a journalist based in Germany, has released a series of videos that have ignited significant controversy within Persian social media circles.

The unfolding controversy initially gained attention with the release of a video allegedly depicting Reza Seqati, a director from Iran’s Ministry of Culture, engaged in a sexual act with a young man. Subsequently, Seqati was dismissed from his position after the video of his explicit encounter was leaked online.

Iran’s sharia-based penal code prescribes severe punishments for various forms of sexual acts. Penetrative same-sex relations between adult men can lead to the death penalty.

Furthermore, sexual acts categorized as Zena, involving married men and women, are subject to stoning and death penalties under the prevailing legal framework.

Source » iranintl