The Iranian regime executed an unidentified woman at dawn on Tuesday in the Central Prison of Mashhad.

The woman, who was executed along with three men, had been on death row for 11 years.

At the time of writing, the execution was not announced in state media, but she was the 107th woman hanged during the regime’s President, Hassan Rouhani’s tenure. This is not surprising, given that Iran is not only the world leader in executions per capita but the world leader in executions of women.

Although, as with all statistics on executions in Iran, this is a minimum number because of the regime’s attempts to hide their crimes from the international community by carrying out so many executions in secret.

As the regime fails to categorize murders according to their degrees, it means that anyone found guilty of murder will be sentenced to death, regardless of the circumstances or their motives.

Many female defendants in Iran have been victims of violence themselves but have no legal means for prosecuting their abuser or escaping it, so they act in self-defense or defense of their children. To make matters worse, their trials are grossly unfair, so sentences are unnecessarily punitive.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) wrote: “Executions are a means of survival for the mullahs’ regime in Iran. It has not let up on executions and detentions despite the coronavirus pandemic.”

Indeed, on August 2, the regime executed a 32-year-old woman in the same prison. The woman, known only as Mehri, had served six years on death row. She was, perhaps unsurprisingly given what we mentioned above, accused of murdering her husband.

Back in January, a 35-year-old woman identified as Sara M was also executed in the Central Prison of Mashhad. She had been on death row for three years. They also killed 29-year-old Maliheh Haj Hassani, 29, in the Central Prison of Shiraz.

In 2019, the regime hanged 16 women; six of them in December alone, in an indication of how they were attempting to increase suppression of the people.

The NCRI’s Women’s Committee has published a list of the women executed during Rouhani’s tenure and reiterated the Resistance’s calls for banning the death penalty in Iran. However, because the regime relies on it for suppression, the death penalty will remain in Iran.

Source » iranfocus