A Kurd activist who had recently surrendered himself to the regime died after four days of incarceration.

The Hengaw human rights website said 42-year-old Shuresh Khezrzadeh who had been living in Iraqi Kurdistan for the past few years surrendered himself to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) via Baneh in western Iran on August 14. He was then transferred to Bukan.

According to a source close to the Khezrzadeh family who asked not to be identified due to security concerns, the family received a call from Qolipour Hospital in Bukan on August 17 telling them that Shuresh Khezrzadeh had passed away.

The source told Hengaw that the family had no idea Khezrzadeh had been arrested and did not know whether he was in Bukan Prison or in a detention center at the time of his death. Hospital officials told the Khezrzadeh family that he died from a toxic goiter.

The source said Khezrzadeh’s autopsy report would be given to the family in three months.

Another source said Khezrzadeh’s body was buried on August 19. No signs of torture were seen on his body. However, the cause of death and the unknown conditions of his detention have led to questions surrounding his untimely death. Shuresh Khezrzadeh was a member of the Komala Organization and carried out political activities against the Islamic Republic in Iraqi Kurdistan for four years.

Source » irannewswire