Iran’s police public paraded 15 home robbers on the streets as a way to publicly degrade and humiliate them on August 22 in Khorramabad, western Iran.

According to the state-run Tasnim News Agency, during the “ceremony” the Khorramabad Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor accused the home robbers of “Moharebeh” or waging war against God and said they would be sentenced to death. This is while they have yet to be tried.

The 15 men were accused of armed robbery from homes in the past month.

Public displays of degradation

This is not the first time Iranian police parade locals on the streets with the backing of the Judiciary. Iran’s state media have published videos and reports of the public degradation of locals who were charged with “public thuggish behavior” in the past. In past videos, the men were paraded in police trucks, while masked security forces slapped and manhandled them, forcing them to “repent” in public.

These “criminals” are paraded in public before they are tried and officially charged and are usually publicly humiliated only days after their arrest.

The regime’s displays of public humiliation have outraged Iranians who have compared the parading of Iranians on the streets with similar measures carried out by ISIS and now the Taliban.

Though Iranian officials are involved in huge known embezzlement and corruption cases, Iran continues to hand down brutal sentences to petty thieves. Those accused of petty crimes such as theft are sentenced to amputation, and flogging, and are degraded in public.

Source » irannewswire