“Torn pants and manteaux (coats) without buttons are not Iranian clothing. Police forces will deal with this issue if necessary.” This is a summary of a new regulation that has been warned to the apparel market.

According to state-run media outlets on August 21, 2017, the head of the Apparel Association, Abolghasem Shirazi, announcing the news said: “Clothing modes such as tattered pants and open manteaux without buttons have no place in our country; we do not care about foreign countries but available clothing modes should be in the dignity of a Muslim and an Iranian!”

“We have collected such clothes from the shops in the city,” Shirazi said.

The head of the Apparel Association, stating that the working group on fashion and clothing should present the principles of fashion to the Ministry of Guidance, continued: “There are no such unconventional garments in our culture, and if it is spotted that this kind of garments are produced or supplied, the security forces will prevent it from happening.”

“Importing and producing this type of clothing is prohibited considering that it is against the (regime’s) affairs. For example, a manteaux that is used as a veil (cover) for women and only bearing the name of veiling such that it is open and does not have buttons and shows the body, is one of the things that will be dealt with,” Shirazi continued.

Head of Apparel Association said: “Over the past two weeks, 400 trade units (shops) supplying custom clothing are sealed and their owners are required to supply proper clothing.”

He emphasized the suppliers of non-conventional clothing will be dealt with, saying: “Along with doing cultural work, vendors of unethical and non-conventional clothing will be dealt with.”

Apparel manufacturers and retailers do not seem to be happy at all. Abed is one of the clothing suppliers who said: “They have thrown so many stones on the way of producing and supplying women’s clothing that we have given up and now we produce only men’s clothing.”

“My likes are always at a crossroads,” he continued. “If we do not supply and sell ‘unconventional’ garments, the sale of the guild unit would be significantly reduced; if we supply the clothing, the shop would be closed and sealed by the government agents in a stroke action.”

Source » ncr-iran