According to data from the Iranian National Tax Administration (INTA), that was mentioned by IRNA, tax revenues in Iran increased by 50 percent over the first 5 months of the ongoing Iranian calendar year (March 21–August 22).

The aforementioned numbers show that INTA collected taxes totaling 2.16 quadrillion rials (or USD4.41 billion) throughout the course of 2023’s first 5 months.

In accordance with the aforementioned data, more than 4.72 quadrillion rials (or USD9.65 billion) in taxes were gathered in the preceding Iranian calendar year 1401, that ended on March 20. This represents a 54 percent increase over the amount collected the year prior, that was 3.06 quadrillion rials (or USD6.25 billion).

According to the reports, the INTA was 104 percent successful in achieving the objectives set for the organization in the year prior.

Since the start of the current year, the group has been able to sign up over 2.7 million additional taxpayers nationwide. In the preceding Iranian calendar year, INTA filed 4 million new taxpayers.

Source » menafn