Gaza leaders, such as the Islamic Jihad, care more about Iranian interests than those of the Palestinians living under their rule, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Major General Kamil Abu Rukun said in an Arabic message he posted on his Facebook page Monday.

“Hostile elements near and far, attempting to ignite a war, are dragging you into violence and destroying the stability and security of your home, Rukun wrote.
“The Islamic Jihad, in the service of Iran, is causing destabilization again and again and harming the security of the area. You are the ones who will suffer the consequences,” he said.

He spoke after Palestinians in Gaza fired three rockets at Israel Sunday night. Israel in return struck Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, including the office of a Hamas Battalion commander.

“Fire directed at Israel, and at Israeli citizens, will bring the appropriate response. Israel will defend its citizens, regardless of what your leaders and their allies may do,” Rukun wrote.

“Apparently the organizations in Gaza prefer the interests of Iran to your own interests. Deteriorating stability and damage to security will bring destruction and harm to the residents of Gaza as they continue to walk without light, and the guilt lies with those who are imposing terror and darkness on the Gaza Strip,” he said.

Earlier in the day he announced that Israel had decided to cut in half the amount of fuel it allows to be transported into the Gaza Strip, through the Kerem Shalom crossing. The Gaza power plant is dependent on that fuel – any reduction of fuel, means a loss of electricity for Gaza, which already operates on only about 12 hours of electricity a day.

Rukin said the 50% cut in the fuel was a direct response to the rocket fire.

Source » jpost