The Coordinating Assistant to the Commander of the Iranian Border Guard, Brigadier General Hassan Asad al-Lahi, announced the launch of a biometric system, the first of its kind in the country.

According to the Fars News Agency, Iran has launched the first biological measurement system in the country on its southern borders, in the southeastern province of Khurasan.

Lahi noted in the ceremony of operating the system that this achievement came as a result of the continuous emphasis on the importance of intelligence work by the commander of the border guards.

Regarding the capabilities of the system, Lahi confirmed its ability to perform many tasks, including tracking the movement of individuals.

He stressed the importance of the system, especially because of its presence in the important economic site of Mahirud, as it is the economic center of the region, as he put it.

He added, this system will allow border guards to strictly monitor the entry and exit of goods from the southern border outlets, stressing that the Iranian authorities seek to spread them throughout the country, which will enhance the role of Iranian border guards.

Source » almasdarnews