According to IHR sources, At least eight prisoners have been transferred to the solitary confinement of Rajai-Shahr in the Iranian city of Karaj for execution.
“Their families were called to the last meeting with the prisoners Tuesday morning,” a source told IHR. Executions are usually carried out on Wednesdays at Rajai-Shahr prison.
Six of them were sentenced to death for murder charges. Their names are listed as Siavash Inanlou, Manouchehr Dehghan, Alireza Behrad, Ebrahim Yarmout-Oghli, Ahmad Ghareh-Balaei and Reza Mousavi Borghani.
If they fail to win the consent of the plaintiffs, they would be executed.
According to the Iranian Islamic Penal Code (IPC) murder is punishable by qisas which means “retribution in kind” or retaliation. In qisas cases, the plaintiff has the possibility to forgive or demand diya (blood money).
In this way, the State effectively puts the responsibility of the death sentence for murder on the shoulders of the victim’s family. In many cases, the victim’s family are encouraged to put the rope is around the prisoner’s neck and even carry out the actual execution by pulling off the chair the prisoner is standing on.
Two others were sentenced to death for drug-related charges. Their surname is Mirzaei. They were transferred from Ghezel-Hesar prison to Rajai-Shahr prison for execution.

Source » iranhr