Kamal al-Din Saba: In the past few days, the head of the IRGC headquarters headed by the head of the entire Iranian oil complex, while the situation in the country’s most affluent ministry, confessed the deputies and directors of the ministry with mismanagement and incompetence of Ahmadinejad’s band and The headquarters of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, commander of a military-economic corps, is also being appointed as minister to the Hafez intersection of the Hafez intersection, the headquarters of the managers, with the record of the unaware of oil issues such as Mirkazemi and Ali Abadi, headed by the Ministry of Oil. – Taleqani came to take advantage of the contracts of Phase 15 and 16 of South Pars Now all the industries and oil capital of the nation will be placed in the corridor of the Revolutionary Guards, and the economic corruption with the full arrival of the military will reach its limit.

It is not acceptable anywhere in the world that a non-transparent and military complex, within six years without estimating the capabilities and records of similar activities, would receive $ 25,000,000,000 in projects. This amount is so large in the world oil contracts that large oil cartels can not afford to invest in this project with decades of brilliant petroleum history and the presence of world-class technologies and access to the best qualified and skilled human resources and personnel. Take a short time and do it. To clarify the scale of this figure, it should be said that if the population of the country is 75 million people, the price for the currency of 1100 tomans, for each Iranian is about 370,000 tomans! More interestingly, these projects are not in the form of conventional tenders, but in command and quit order, and again, from the outset, instead of the ongoing process, this military complex surprised the cost of carrying out projects He has withdrawn from the reserve fund and proceeded to finance the projects.

The author of this article has closely witnessed the experiences of his friends who have collaborated with the sub-collections of the camp at some points. All of them end up pessimistic and disappointing with these projects and make the management of these collections so confused and weak that they say that none of the projects will come to an end and that there will be thousands of problems in the coming tomorrow’s opening, and in addition to Hurting the lives of hundreds of people working in these refineries also destroys the country’s capital.

Sardar Rostam Ghasemi has claimed that they have been involved in the construction of several refineries. We simply ask you to name one of these refineries! The collection under your mandate has literally taken and hijacked hundreds of large-scale projects in the country’s leading companies and specialized companies. So far, even a refinery has not exploited these projects. Claiming to build several refineries!

Managers who have been nominated for these large projects do not even know what standard is, and what quality is, and what does engineering mean. You and the supporter think that you have put the capital of the state and the people in the hands of such people.

You have not succeeded in seizing large oil contracts, and you and other friends of your military have taken a few stocks of existing companies, such as Sadra and Iran’s maritime facilities, and you have the monopoly owner of whatever major oil contract you have, and that private companies can not be in any way As a result, talents will go way beyond borders.

You have not given a favor to the people and the country, and with your appointment at the Ministry of Oil, you will open the way for more troops to enter this complex and you will rule over the largest and most important ministry of the country. It can not be expected that experts in the series that should be held up and heard before the military commanders are lean and straightforward, and only for unquestionable obedience, and the knot of the many problems that the Ministry has been facing in the past six years It’s both complicated and tougher.

Of course, you may not have done this by yourself, and the orders and rulings of the rulers and what is going on in their minds have been made to put things right so that the capital of the ministry will be so depreciated.

Today was another test day for the parliament to determine the direction and direction of its move. Representatives of the majority of the Majlis with a rumbling after the speech of the Speaker of the Parliament showed that they are not even willing to hear an opposition, and they want only the military in this country to be in the pyramid, and the experts and smoke of the oil industry Like other industries and other major ministries, they will witness the rule of the military.

Thus, the future of the Iranian oil industry will be dark. Large oil cartels have partnered with neighboring countries in all of our common oil and gas fields. In Iraq, where we have a large number of common border resources, in the absence of our many years of neglect and the collapse of the domestic and foreign policies of the country, the Iraqi government, with a 20% share, has deposited its oil fields to these great oil giants. Is. Oil and gas will take us easily. Even the horizontal drilling and infiltration into our oilfields is not far off, as reported by South Pars.

In the past six years, the oilfields of common areas such as Esfandiar have faced shrinkage and no success has been achieved. The maintenance of existing refineries has faced many problems. Experts have been humiliated and disappointed by the rulers of non-specialists and pupils on managerial positions.

Investment plans have been slowing down and stopping to keep production ceilings and increase oil production with the wrong policies and lack of movement on the specified axes. One thousand and one other problem has been faced by the ministry over the past several years.

So few poor people have been assigned to this day that the military Sardari, which has succeeded in acquiring Ahmadinejad in oil projects, has the chances of being in charge of this ministry, and the representatives of Ahmadinejad’s next move and the weaker options in The list is scarce, as the news of this few days showed, they agreed with the ministry on the authority of Rostam Qasemi, and what was not to be done.

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