The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Supreme Court confirmed the death sentence of national wrestling champion Navid Afkari for his 2018 protest against the regime in Tehran. The news website Iran International reported on Saturday that Iran’s clerical regime imposed two death sentences, six years and six months in prison, and 74 lashes on Afkari. His brother, Vahid Afkari, received a prison sentence of 54 years and six months in prison and 74 lashes. The third brother, Habib, was slapped with a prison term of 27 years and three months and 74 lashes.

Prominent American-Iranians urged the Islamic Republic not to execute the brothers. The actress Nazanin Boniadi tweeted: “Champion wrestler Navid Afkari has been sentenced to death for participating in anti-government protests in Iran. Those close to him have said he was subjected to a forced confession under torture. Stop Executions In Iran.”

Reza Pahlavi, the son of the late Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, tweeted “Navid Afkari, a champion wrestler, joined his compatriots in protest to demand a better future. For that, the criminal regime in Iran has sentenced him to death. The international community must act to prevent the murder of another young, innocent Iranian. Stop Executions in Iran.”

Iran International reported that “Navid and Vahid Afkari were severely tortured to give confessions, and the testimony of witnesses about their beatings and torture are even referenced in the case, but the court has ignored it.”

An “informed source,” according to Iran International, said the case is filled with baseless accusations including many mentions of “producing tools for criminal activity” which refers to carrying a nail clipper, a screwdriver and masks.

Iran’s judiciary charged the brothers with 20 different crimes including “attending illegal gatherings, assembly and conspiracy to commit crimes against national security, and insulting the supreme leader.”

Iran’s judiciary is notoriously opaque and fails to meet international standards for prosecutions and due process, according to human rights organizations.

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