A member of Iran’s parliament energy committee has said on Sunday that the Islamic Republic must supply fuel to allies such as Lebanon, Syria and Venezuela “to protect them from harm.”

Hadi Bayginejad a hardliner told local media that Tehran must help members of the ‘resistance front’, a term coined by Iran to describe its allies and proxies in the Middle East and beyond.

Iran has sent two tankers carrying fuel to Lebanon, experiencing serious shortages amid its worst economic crisis, on the request of the Lebanese Hezbollah, its most prominent proxy militant group in the region. While Iran calls Lebanon a member of the resistance front, many in the communally divided country are against Hezbollah’s armed presence in the country, which they say undermines the legitimate government.

It is not clear how Israel will react to the shipment of fuel, which also violates US sanctions, both in terms of Iran oil exports and the Hezbollah having been listed as a terrorist organization.

Bayginejad also said that allies in the resistance front have helped Iran in its difficult moments and it is “very important” for Tehran to assist them during their hardship. Iran has been supplying fuel to Syria and a large consignment sent to Venezuela last year was seized and auctioned off by the United States.

Source » trackpersia