The Revolutionary Court of Tehran sentenced former political prisoner Ahmadreza Haeri to four years and four months in prison.

Ramin Safarnia, Haeri’s lawyer, wrote on social media that Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court notified him of Haeri’s verdict. Haeri has been sentenced to three years and eight months on the charge of “assembly and collusion against national security”, and eight months on the charge of “propaganda against the regime”.

If the verdict is upheld on appeal, based on Article 134 of the Islamic Penal Code, three years and eight months for the first charge will be enforceable.

On June 27, 2022, security forces arrested Haeri in Tehran. In early August, he was released on a bail amount of one billion tomans. During the whole period of detention, he had been denied access to a lawyer.

Source » en-hrana