Iran prepares to strengthen defenses nuclear facility after July explosion


Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad

Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad

Iran announced on Tuesday, its intention to “establish two new buildings in which security and safety considerations are taken into account at a very high level,” following the explosion at the Natanz nuclear plant in July.

“Iran will start constructing two buildings that respect the highest safety standards, taking into account the security conditions instead of the building that was destroyed in the explosion of the Natanz nuclear plant,” Behrouz Kamalandi, the spokesman for the Iranian Atomic Energy Authority, said in an interview with the Iranian newspaper “Resalat”.

The Iranian official emphasized that “there is no force capable of impeding Iran’s progress in the nuclear industry,” adding that “nuclear activities continue without interruption and there is no slowdown or shortage in these activities.”

Kalmandi said that the explosion at the Natanz facility was a result of a sabotage operation, stressing that two new buildings will help prevent any attacks.

Lastly, the Iranian official added that his country had never said that it would not allow the IAEA to inspect its facilities, but he indicated that this matter would take place when the IAEA stops making these allegations.

Source » almasdar news

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