Iran regime will not give up its nuclear plans

Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, said last week that the Islamic Republic would be able to increase its uranium enrichment level to 20 per cent in the space of a few days, leaving the country very close to having material that would be suitable for weapons.

Many will dismiss his comments a bravado, timed just before US Ambassador to the UN – Nikki Haley – went to Vienna to meet with officials from the International Atomic Energy Agency to discuss the Iranian nuclear program.

However, it is very difficult to estimate whether the threat is based on truth or not. Iran is notorious for keeping secrets and deceiving the international community when it comes to the country’s nuclear program.

The 2015 nuclear deal was a disaster and a missed opportunity to put an end to the nuclear threat. The deal was led by former President of the United States Barack Obama who gave far too many concessions to the Islamic Republic and it basically gave legitimacy to its uranium enrichment program.

In fact, instead of thwarting the Iranian nuclear threat, all the deal did was extend the breakout time – an only for a short while.

At the time, President Obama tried to “sell” the nuclear deal to critics by saying that when the deal expires, the country’s breakout time will have been reduced by a significant amount of time.
With regards to Iran’s very poor human rights record and its involvement and instigation of terrorist activities, President Obama believed that the Iranian regime’s behaviour will moderate over the course of the deal’s term. He believe that Iran would automatically become more moderate if it is back in the international business market.

Therefore, the nuclear deal was packed with concessions that would have a hugely positive impact on Iran and he encouraged foreign investment.

However, President Obama could not have got it more wrong. The regime’s behaviour has not moderated at all. If fact, it is getting worse. Terrorist activities and human rights abuses are more prevalent than before, and Iran is using the deal to carry out provocations (such as the test-firing of ballistic missiles).

Because of the nuclear deal, many states in Europe are reluctant to confront Iran over its belligerence because there have been so many deals and agreements made with the country.

It is clear that the United States is doing the right thing by reviewing how it stands towards the nuclear deal. One can only hope that it is realised and understood that Iran will not give up its nuclear plans and will continue with human rights abuses and terrorist activities.

Source » ncr-iran

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