Protesting workers at Iran’s Arak Machinery Manufacturing who are refusing to work over wage disputes reached new levels of intensity on Thursday.

According to the Telegram channel Bazaar Civil Protest, the worker’s protest at the factory, also known as Machine Sazi Arak, gained momentum as the strikers insist that they will not stop until they receive their rightful wages.

Over the past few months, the facility’s workforce has staged several strikes over low wages – typically less than $200 per month – and other labor-related concerns. On April 21st, they synchronized their strike action with workers from at least 16 oil and industrial units as a collective and symbolic protest.

Within the past year, Iran has witnessed over 1,600 labor rallies and strikes. However, the Islamic Republic’s security and judicial authorities have responded by summoning, arresting, and incarcerating numerous labor activists, aiming to quell dissent.

Authorities contend that the orchestrated strikes are instigated by anti-regime groups, an often-used excuse that only undermines the legitimacy of workers’ demands without addressing them. Persistent strikes add to escalating tensions and Iran’s ailing economy but with no action taken regarding workers’ demands, there seems to be no imminent resolution in sight.

Source » iranintl