When Khomeini came into power in 1979, he did not expect anyone to ever stand against him. Which triggered in him thoughts of vilayet-e-faqih and greedy plans of extending his rulership.

His dreams did not last long however, as shortly after the commencement of his leadership, he found himself facing a brave opposing force led by Masoud Rajavi, who had not only made it through the difficult times of Pahlavi’s regime, but were also being welcomed by many Iranians at the time, especially the youth.

For about 7 years, i.e., up until the last days of Pahlavi’s governance, Rajavi himself was locked up in prison awaiting his death sentence. After the Pahlavis left and he was freed from prison, his force grew in number exponentially, which became so threatening to Khomeini, so much so that it prompted him to go against his own words and interfere with the presidential campaign of Rajavi. He attempted doing so by first tempting him and his colleagues with offers of power and title; but when his advances got rejected, he decided to oppress and worse yet, eliminate them altogether.

An unforgettable example of his attempts is the massacre of more than 30,000 PMOI (MEK) prisoners in 1988, over just a few months. Which according to many experts, is the second most tragic thing to happen in the history of humanity, since world war two. Thinking of which seriously shatters one’s heart!

Some of the deadly fatwas that the mullahs of this regime have been ordering against MEK over the past decades, are as follows:

– Khomeini’s former representative in Urmia, Mollah-Hassani: “When Imam Khomeini was addressing the Islamic Revolutionary Court, he stated that if he has to, he’d order the death of all MEK in one night, even if there’s one million of them”. (December 23rd, 2000; Hayat-e-No newspaper)

– The former Chief Justice of Iran’s Supreme Court, Mohammadi Gilani: “According to Quran, MEK must be hanged and killed in the worst possible way and both their hands must also be cut; based on Khomeini’s fatwa, we can kill MEK prisoners under torture, without having to undergo any trials”. (September 20th, 1981)

– Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani: “There are four sentences for MEK: taking them away from the society, hanging them, cutting their right hand and left leg, and eventually, killing them”. (October 2nd, 1981)

– The former Deputy of Ministry of Intelligence, Falahian: “we executed all followers of MEK” (June 22nd, 2017; Khazar). “If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have had the country that we have today. Imam (Khomeini) himself would agree with me on this”. (August 19th, 2017; Fars News)

– A former Minister, Hasan Ghafouri-Fard: “In our close circle of friends, we often discuss how by taking the lives of each and every one of the MEK, we are actually shaping a better country!”.

– Ahmadi Shahroudi: “According to the order of Imam (Khomeini), those (MEK) who stood their ground, were sentenced to death; we had to do as Imam said, and kill them all”. (August 8th, 2017; Tasnim)

The inhumane nature of this dictatorship runs so deep that none of these officials, who have so bluntly acknowledged their violent murders on multiple occasions, have ever been held accountable! Which is a complete disgrace in today’s world!

Now, the time has come for us as a global society, to fulfil our humane duty, which is to keep the international campaign of the 1988 massacre alive, and to also undertake an independent investigation with the help of the United Nations, to be able to hold those behind this bloodshed responsible for their horrendous acts, once and for all!

Source » ncr-iran