Iran’s Fars News Agency reported on Tuesday that South Korea’s Foreign Minister has said that efforts to “transfer Iranian funds that were blocked in South Korea are continuing.”

Iran has in the past targeted South Korean ships. In early August, reports said that a deal by Iran to release several people it had detained was linked to Iran’s demands to unfreeze billions in assets.

Now South Korea foreign minister Park Jin said these efforts are proceeding. The report at Asharq al-Awsat and other media said that Jin told Iran’s foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, that the countries are in communication to solve the issue.

“Park and the Iranian foreign minister agreed to expand cooperation between the two countries, The United States and Iran reached an agreement last month for the release of five US citizens detained in Iran while $6 billion of Iranian assets in South Korea would be unfrozen,” Reuters said. The assets have been moved to Switzerland.

Iran expecting further cooperation from South Korea

South Korea has also been elected to the UN Security Council as one of the non-permanent members. The reports mentioned this. Iran apparently expects other cooperation now with South Korea. Iran’s foreign policy has been shifting towards China in recent years.

Any deal with South Korea will be very important for Iran. It wants these billions unfrozen to help the economy at home and buy non-sanctioned goods abroad. Iran is also looking to increase defense exports and imports.

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