Mortazavi Oliveri, a member of the Tehran City Council, says the amount of “misconduct and corruption” within the municipality of the Iranian capital is comparable to the case of “astronomical real estate, such as money in the pockets of individuals,” and in this organization, institutional corruption Has been.

Mr Awwiri, on Monday, August 23, in an interview with ISNA, said the case was “Astronomical Property, the tip of the iceberg that came out of the ocean.”

He described the issue of “corruption” in the Tehran Municipality Organization beyond the unlawful assignment of several apartments to some individuals and said that “we are faced with an institutional corruption in the municipality of Tehran.”

This member of the Tehran City Council described the examples of this “corruption” as follows: “Corruption in assignments, tenders, and the use of inefficient forces at managerial levels, as well as the use of retired forces that have been brought to the municipality of Tehran from other organs.”

Morteza Elviari also said about “Tehran Municipality Debt in the Fourth Period of the Shura”: “Tehran’s municipality’s most important challenge is the Tehran Municipality’s receipts and payments. Unfortunately, the figures presented by Tehran’s current mayor in the television show are not consistent with the information that their deputies presented at meetings with us. ”

According to this member of the Tehran City Council, the municipality of Iran’s capital has definitely called “23.5 billion tomans”, which will be announced as “mayor of {{Mohammad Baqir Qalibaf} deputy [current] deputies”.

Mr. Elvira added that “along with this figure, there must be a large number of semi-finished projects that finish at around 30 trillion tooman … and pre-packaged aggregates that were carefully investigated, but no result was reached. .. We also add. ”

He also pointed to what “overwhelming and extraordinary recruitment in these years” in the Tehran Municipality collection, and said that the current municipality of Tehran has “63,500 people” personnel.

Elvira also criticized the “multiplier” increase in costs in the Tehran municipality and announced the biggest “challenge” of Mohammad Ali Najafi, the mayor of Tehran’s future, “in this area of ​​incomes and expenses.”

Member of the fifth session of the Islamic Council of Tehran, Ray and Tajrish, declaring that “according to statistics from different sources, Tehran is not good and has serious challenges in various areas of urban management”, Tehran considered “a disease with a chronic disease.” “We must act quickly to treat it.”

The “Astronomical Real Estate” controversy refers to a set of revelations and reactions that took place on the transfer of several milliards of real estate to some senior executives and some members of the Tehran City Council.

The site of Architect News told Yasar Soltani Director for the first time that the municipality of Tehran had some property managers, members of the city council, a parliamentary representative, a law enforcement officer, and several security officials and officials in northern Tehran, with property prices Astronomy with a 50% discount.

Shortly after the “constellation” received by the conservatives against some of the government’s employees, it became a media outlet that spurred the country’s political atmosphere and even drowned into the presidential election runoff election run-off. Meanwhile, Mohammad Baqir Qalibaf has repeatedly denied financial charges that he saw for himself, his relatives and the Tehran municipality.

With the victory of the reformists in the 5th election in Tehran, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf should also give his place to the new mayor, Mohammad Ali Najafi, who, according to Alevi, has presented his plans to the Council and has been able to convince them to solve the problems of Tehran. .

Source » radiofarda