“We´re ready to expand relations with Venezuela in all fields, especially in trade, energy, technology, science and defense industry,” said Seyed Ebrahim Raisi.

The Iranian president welcomed the speedy development of Iran-Venezuela relations, while remarking that “the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been a friend of Venezuela’s hard times”.

Venezuelan Transport Minister, on the other hand, said his country urges for strengthening cooperation with Iran in economic, trade, transit and political matters.

Venezuela-Iran relations have been substantially strengthened in recent years, by conducting joint initiatives in face of sanctions imposed on both nations by U.S. presidents.

Both countries comply with the agreements previously reached in energy, scientific, oil, defense, cultural, economic and food sectors, among others.

Eluding Washington’s warnings, the Islamic Republic of Iran aided Venezuela to make up for its fuel shortage, and sent in May 2020 five oil tankers with 1.53 million gas barrels.

A sixth Iranian ship, loaded with food, arrived in June 2020 off the coast of Venezuela, within the framework of the two countries’ strategic alliance.

Source » Plenglish