Omid Nouripour, the leader of Germany’s Green Party, has called for the closure of the Islamic Center in Hamburg, which he described as a “spy nest”.

In an exclusive interview with Iran International, Nouripour voiced concerns about the alleged activities of the center and the broader network of Islamic centers established by the Islamic Republic within Germany.

Nouripour, during his conversation with an Iran International reporter in Berlin, highlighted the existence of what he termed a “spy network” created by the Islamic Republic through these Islamic centers. He said that regime officials used the network to engage in espionage activities targeting both the German populace and Iranians seeking protection within Germany.

The German domestic security apparatus has repeatedly issued warnings that the Islamic Center in Hamburg is promoting the ideology of the Shiite Islamic Republic. Furthermore, the deputy head of this center faced expulsion from Germany in November 2022 on charges related to connections with Hezbollah members, designated as a terrorist group in Germany.

Nouripour explained, “We have long been advocating for the closure of Islamic centers affiliated with the Islamic Republic in Germany and have exerted significant pressure in pursuit of this goal.”

In July 2021, the Hamburg State Office for the Protection of the Constitution obtained new documents suggesting that the Islamic Center in Hamburg not only maintains ties to the Iranian government but has also evolved into one of the most important institutions of the Iranian regime in Europe.

Source » iranintl