Five people convicted of “abduction and theft”, including a 14 year old girl and pregnant woman were sentenced to overall 350 lashes by the Tehran Criminal Court.

According to the state-run Iran Daily, the 14 year old girl was sentenced to 70 lashes and 20 months of prison while the others convicted in the case, a pregnant woman and three young men, were each sentenced to eight years of prison for abduction and six years of prison and 70 lashes for theft.

The sentences were announced on Saturday in the 7th Branch of the Tehran Criminal Court.

This is not the first time the regime sentences a minor to lashes.

In July, the Iranian Judiciary sentenced a 17 year old boy to 100 lashes despite the civil suit being retracted by the victim’s family.

Iran is the only country that hands out harsh sentences to its citizens regardless of age and even hangs child offenders despite international condemnations.

The regime also does not consider flogging as torture and routinely issues flogging sentences for a wide range of so-called “crimes” including for activists.

According to reports gathered by Iran News Wire, 21 activists were sentenced to lashes in August.

In late July, a detained Kurd singer and political activist was lashed 100 times in prison. The 110th Branch of the Urmia Public Court sentenced Peiman Mirzazadeh to two years of prison and 80 lashes for “blasphemy” and another 20 lashes for “drinking alcohol”.

Fars state-run News Agency also recently quoted a judicial official in the northwestern province of Ardabil as saying that 40 people were sentenced to flogging, most of them on charges of “disturbing public order” for brandishing knives in public.

Source » irannewswire