Three Iranians who were detained in Cyprus may have been part of a terrorist cell, the blog Intelli Times reported on Sunday.

According to the report, the Iranians were arrested in the town of Paphos and told Cypriot authorities that they had obtained false passports in the Turkish-controlled part of the island after arriving from Turkey, ostensibly for the purpose of seeking employment in Europe.

But local authorities suspect they may actually be part of a plot to carry out terrorist activity, in light of past instances where Iranians who had arrived in Europe under the guise of labor migrants turned out to be affiliated with rogue elements such as Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ Qods Force, which serves as Iran’s arms for regional aggression.

Earlier this year, a large Qods Force cell was uncovered in France and in the past, the force’s members were linked to various terrorist attacks against Israelis in Europe and elsewhere.

Source » thefreeiranian