On August 13th 2018, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei claimed that the regime is facing no dead-ends, and simply recommended a “revolutionary and efficient management” for “resolving the issues at hand”.

But not long after, many media outlets and authorities began admitting to the insufficiency of his management, and the lack of any solutions, which just proves the soon-coming end to the regime.

The state-run newspaper known as “Vatan-e-Emroos” commented: “No one can deny the lack of deficiency in the current governance, especially over the past several months; in which the market has been disturbed in shocking ways, causing the witnessed political stability, which is exactly what our enemy wants”.

This newspaper adds that the reason behind Khamenei’s “avoidance” of changing the government is that he believes by doing so, “the enemy will be able to take advantage of the situation and put its evil plan into effect, against our Islamic Republic”.

Is Iran’s regime at the end of its road?

13th August 2018, the supreme leader of Iran Ali Khamenei claimed that there are no dead-ends in the country and recommended a “revolutionary and efficient management” for “resolving the issues”.

The Vice Chairman of the parliament, Pezeshkian, also contributes: “Since the revolution, our management structure has never been of a logical type”; adding that: “Today’s issues of our society are the direct result of the negative behaviours of our government officials; we are all responsible in our own ways, for the current problems” (September 1st, 2018; IRNA).

In a talk with the state-run newspaper named Arman, one of Khamenei’s theorists named Amir Mohebian states: “From my point of view, presidency has turned into a game in this country. In which all players eventually lose their credibility within 4 to 8 years, then just leave”. He also referred to a more fundamental dead-lock within the regime, i.e., its social isolation and the distrust of its people in its governance: “People don’t see any similarities between their problems and those of the officials in power” (September 1st, 2018).

Following the recent protests, many outlets and officials believe that the regime has no solutions up its sleeve. Truth is, if there was no dead-ends, and if there were any solutions, the society wouldn’t have reached the explosive point that it has now; as evident by the continuing rise of many protestors across the country!

It is because of these united and resistant protestors that the regime has come closer to its subversion. Which the regime has brought upon itself, as it’s never cared about people’s needs throughout its decades of history!

This regime is clearly for oppression, and not for people; which is why every time protestors rise in the streets, they’re not only fighting oppression, but also accelerating the regime change.

Source » ncr-iran