Qatar is with Iran against its Gulf neighbors

The Arab world is far less divided than it has been in recent years. In fact, it is moving in a positive direction of conciliation and unity. Just one Arab country stands out, like a sore thumb, against this renewed Arab consensus, in its support of the Muslim Brotherhood and funding of terrorist organizations. It is also the only Arab country that opposes the normalization and peace between Israel and the UAE. Due to the double game it plays against its neighbors and its support for the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran, and due to its subversion efforts and pot-stirring aimed at undermining Arab regimes, Gulf states have imposed heavy sanctions to isolate it diplomatically and economically until it breaks. This siege, however, pushed it into the warm embrace of the Iranians, and eventually the Turks.

This country, of course, is Qatar, which was not only outcast by fed up Arab regimes, but is also the main loser from the Israel-UAE agreement. All other Gulf states fell in line in support of the treaty, either explicitly or tacitly. Qatar, now alone in its vehement objection to Israeli peace with the Arabs in the Gulf, has unleashed incessant vitriol against the normalization agreement, mainly through its state-owned broadcaster Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera stopped broadcasting news or feigning to be objective a long time ago. There are many examples of this, but its lack of coverage of protests in Iran or its praise of someone who murdered hundreds of thousands of Arab, such as Qassem Soleimani, clearly proves that Qatar has lost its Arab identity in the sphere of Iranian influence. It’s strange that Al Jazeera in English is incongruent with its Arabic version. When addressing the West it presents a liberal façade, but in Arabic, it fervently disseminates outrageous incitement against Israel and the deal with the UAE.

Al Jazeera has always viciously incited against Israel and encourages the Palestinian struggle. On a weekly basis, its reports present the Palestinian side as the victim of an evil, merciless regime. The fact that most of Al Jazeera’s employees, including more than a handful of anchors, are of Palestinian descent, gives this incitement a strong tailwind.

We should keep in mind that Qatar was actually the first to open its gates to senior Israelis. We all remember Shimon Peres’ visit and the opening of the Israeli trade bureau there in 1996. So what changed?

Once Qatar’s previous emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, handed over rule of the country to his son, Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, in June 2013, relations with Israel became clandestine. Contacts between the two countries were excused as efforts to mediate between Hamas and Israel, and the reason for this was its dependence on Iran and Turkey due to its isolation.

The warming of relations with the Gulf region is a significant achievement for Israel and these countries. This rapprochement, which is reflected politically, culturally and economically, shows they desire peace and want to support the Trump administration’s policies toward Iran and the Palestinians. Relations with Israel are a deterrent to the Iranians, and therefore Qatar and Al Jazeera must not be allowed to drive a wedge between us and Qatar’s Gulf neighbors.

Source » israelhayom

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