According to Bankers 24 ( Banker ), Kourosh Parvizian, Parsian Bank Managing Director, said at today’s meeting of the Chamber of Commerce’s Tehran Chamber of Commerce representatives that financial and credit unauthorized financial institutions of the country’s financial discipline Are cluttered.
He added that over 20 trillion tomans of money were spent in this area, while the money in this situation could have been very difficult to generate and earn the work of the private sector, but only for people who took money from the people and it is unclear what Have.
In the agricultural sector, Mojtaba Khosrowatj said in response to criticisms about the cessation of ordering the import of some goods by the Ministry of Industry, stopping the car industry from stopping the car industry. We have not had a special case.
The head of the Trade Development Organization said that at the end of last year, the salary table of the country’s trade was not approved by the government because of some inflationary effects, while the export-import regulations were always approved at the end of the year.
He said that the government decided in December to adjust tariffs to all conditions.
According to Fars, the head of the Development Trade Organization, added: “All our efforts are to enable us to rule on the determination of commodity tariffs.

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