As the Iranian parliament is preparing to vote on a strict hijab law, an official has said that hijab is more than a cultural issue and has “political and security” dimensions.

The parliament is expected to vote soon on a draft law that was crafted to increase a variety of punishments for women who appear in public without observing the full requirements of the government dress code. The measures include hefty cash fines, denial of public services to women without hijab, and even prison for repeat offenders.

Abdol-Hossein Khosropanah secretary of the Islamic Republic’s Supreme Cultural Council said Saturday that hijab serves the interests of the Islamic society and “the Muslim ruler” must make it mandatory.

Many Iranian women have stopped wearing the hijab after nationwide protests following Mahsa Amini’s death in the custody of the morality police in September 2022.

For a few months, authorities did not act against the phenomenon, afraid of inflaming the public and triggering more protests. However, since January they have begun a full campaign to enforce the dress code. Parliament’s draft law is the latest measure to force women to wear the hijab.

Many clerics and hardline members and supporters of the regime argue that the fate of the Islamic Republic depends on enforcing hijab, and if women are allowed to act as they wish it would weaken the foundations of clerical rule.

Source » iranintl