America sanctioned the Ministry of Information of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Minister of Information Ismail Khatib.

#وزارت_اطلاعات ایران و وزیر اطلاعات را در پی مشارکت در حملات سایبری علیه #امریکا و متحدانش تحریم می‌کند.

On Friday, September 18, the United States Treasury Department sanctioned the Ministry of Information of the Islamic Republic of Iran due to the cyber attack of the Islamic Republic on the infrastructure of Albania in July.

This ministry, publishing a notice on its website, also said that Ismail Khatib, the Minister of Information of the Islamic Republic, has also been added to the list of sanctions.

Previously, America, Great Britain and NATO considered the hacker attacks on Albania to be the work of hackers related to the Islamic Republic and strongly condemned it.

Ministry of Information Senior Advisor and Supervisor of the General Security Department of Quds Province. This criminal intelligence mullah was one of the main intelligence agents and operations of the Revolutionary Guards and one of the old elements of the Ministry of Intelligence.

This criminal mercenary also became the general director of intelligence in Qom and then the general director of intelligence in this province. He was also transferred to Khamenei’s office and worked in the information system of this office due to his support to Khamenei when Moslehi was the Minister of Information.

This mercenary in his last position, guarding Astan al-Quds, in addition to his crimes in intelligence, was involved in looting and theft in Astan al-Quds.

Provide any additional information about this mercenary, including car type and license plate, traffic routes, mobile numbers, additional information and specifications.

Warning to all mercenaries and oppressors in the Islamic Republic system, the overthrow of this system in its entirety is in sight. Separate your ranks from these people and join the people.

This clumsy and lying information mullah forgets or does not understand that the era of demagoguery and deceitful demagogues has passed and all the people of Iran hate and hold grudges against this government and want to overthrow it.

جمعه ۳۰ اردیبهشت ۱۴۰۱
‏ 🔺به صحنه آمدن وزیر منفور اطلاعات آخوندی به فرموده عظمای درمانده برای ارعاب مردم بپاخاسته درشهرهای مختلف میهن اشغال شده

🔻آخوند جنایتکار اسماعیل خطیب وزیر اطلاعات آخوندها در همایش سراسری دادستانها که بدنبال خیزشهای مردمی و برای مقابله با مردم برگزار شده،گفت:
با کسانی که برای تجمعات و اعتراضات غیرقانونی و تخریب‌ها برنامه ریزی می‌کنند برخورد می کنیم.

دژخیم اسماعیل خطیب که وحشت خود از فوران خشم خلق و فعالیتهای واحدهای مقاومت در داخل کشور را نمی‌توانست پنهان کند، افزود:
دشمنان با استفاده از فضای رسانه ای به دنبال ایجاد ناآرامی و خدشه به امنیت کشور بودند که با هوشیاری، همکاری و همراهی تحسین برانگیز مردم‼️و هشدارها و اقدامات به موقع دستگاه های اطلاعاتی و امنیتی و هماهنگی دستگاه قضایی، توطئه های آنان خنثی شد اما ایجاد ناآرامی و ضربه به امنیت کشور همچنان جزو برنامه های جنگ ترکیبی دشمن می باش

The Minister of Criminal Intelligence of the Islamic Republic also admitted with fear and horror about the height of disgust and social hatred, especially among the youth:

“Unfortunately, the drumbeat of the enemy media is not only annoying and annoying, but it will remain in the hearts and minds of our youth.”

Akhund Ismail Khatib, the Minister of Information of the regime, against the Mujahideen: Albanian terrorists have never been and will never be safe from the fire of revenge for twelve thousand martyrs of their crimes. Although every day they are more and more at the disposal of the leaders of official and state terrorism such as Trump, Mike Pence and Pompeo. While the same people are more afraid of the bloodthirsty of Qassem Soleimani every day than before. Mujahideen will not be safe from divine punishment.

Akhund Ismail Khatib, the Minister of Information of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in his new and frightening boasting, claimed that some countries are helping the “enemies of the Iranian nation”, and threatened them with “crossing”.

Continuing his claims, he spoke of a “combined war against the Islamic regime of Iran” and stated that the US is seeking to “restore its weakened dominance in the region” by using “soft war and cruel sanctions”, which has met with “failure”.