Arab ministers condemn Iran for supporting the Houthi terrorism in region

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The Arab ministerial committee, made up of ministers from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE and Egypt, has condemned Iran’s support for the Houthi militia in targeting Saudi Arabia with ballistic missiles.

A statement by the committee condemned the ongoing support by Tehran for terrorism in the Arab region and its violation of the Security Council resolution no. 2216 (2015), which requires militia to be disarmed.

The committee also reiterated the importance of opposing Iranian attempts to threaten the security of the region’s energy supplies, as well as maritime installations in the Arabian Gulf and other shipping lanes.

The comments come as the Arab coalition intercept yet another Houthi drone fired towards Saudi airspace.

Coalition spokesman Col. Turki Al-Maliki said the drone was targeting civilian areas in Saudi Arabia’s Najran.

Al-Maliki announced earlier this week that Iranian-backed Houthi militias fired a ballistic missile from Amran province on Friday afternoon but the missile fell in the Yemeni territory of Saada.

Malki explained that the Houthi militias continued to violate international humanitarian law and its customary rules by firing ballistic missiles, which affect population centers, threatening the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians inside Yemen.

Source » egypt today

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