Iranian regime diverts attention of economic crisis to Iraq

Due to the drastic fall in the value of the Rial, Iran’s national currency, a large number of people are coming across from Iraq into the cities of Abadan and Khorramshahr in Iran to benefit from the low prices.

The locals in Iran are angry that this is allowed to happen because it is driving the prices of many goods in the cities up.

Tens of thousands of Iraqis have travelled across the border and the people in the Iranian oil-rich Khuzestan province in the southwest have called on the government to act.

Yesterday, the Assembly of Experts said via a representative that it is going to initiate a “thorough investigation” with the aim of bringing a resolution to the situation.

The provincial representative on the Assembly of Experts – Mohsen Heidari – told the media that the authorities should have a good look at the situation and take appropriate and decisive action to ensure that the problems are thoroughly resolved.

Iranian officials are accusing the Iraqis of coming to Iran to take advantage of the economic crisis that is getting worse in Iran. However, like with every situation, the Iranian regime is reluctant to take responsibility for the problems. It is blaming the people of Iraq and the Iranian people for the problem.

Taking a step back and looking at the issue, it is very clear to see that the whole situation has been caused by corruption and mismanagement.

Earlier this year, the first round of economic sanctions was reapplied after U.S. President Donald Trump announced that the United States was exiting the 2015 nuclear deal. The crippling sanctions came back into force, but the Rial had already been losing value long before sanctions took effect. The economy has been gradually moving towards crisis for months.

The people of Iran are very aware of the causes for the crisis. They have seen that the government has prioritised the export of terrorism and the financing of militias and proxy group over the people of Iran.

Although they are undoubtedly suffering from the financial consequences of the U.S. sanctions, the people are aware that something must be done. Former President Barack Obama’s policies of appeasement did not work (they actually made the regime even bolder and brazen in its acts of belligerence), so there is hope that the opposite approach taken by President Trump will put more pressure on the regime, which in turn will help the Iranian people and their Organized Resistance to go for Regime Change.

Many have said that moderation is the key to Iran’s future but there is overwhelming evidence that moderation is impossible. Indeed it is impossible because it’s very foundations are based on religious fascism and clerical rule.

Its methods of rule are quite simply incompatible with equality, justice, freedom and the respect of human rights and the sooner the people of Iran achieve their dream of regime change the better – not just for them but for all countries and individuals that are a victim of the heinous clerical regime.

Source » ncr-iran

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