Narges Mohammadi, a prominent political prisoner currently housed at Evin Prison, has suffered physical abuse at the hands of a prison official in the infirmary due to her non-compliance with hijab regulations.

Mohammadi and another inmate were in the prison infirmary where she was subjected to verbal harassment and physical violence by a prison officer. Following the altercation, Mohammadi was transported from the infirmary via ambulance. Her current condition and well-being remain uncertain.

It is noteworthy that Mohammadi has a history of prior arrests and convictions linked to her activism. In October 2020, she was released from Zanjan Prison after enduring approximately five and a half years of imprisonment. However, her ordeal persisted as she faced another legal case, culminating in a sentence of 30 months of imprisonment, 80 lashes, and two fines.

On November 16, 2021, Mohammadi was arrested once again during a commemorative event honoring Ebrahim Ketabdar, who had lost his life during the November 2019 protests in Karaj. Subsequently, Branch 26 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court handed down a staggering eight-year prison sentence, accompanied by seventy-four lashes, two years of exile, and various social restrictions.

Adding to her ordeal, Mohammadi received an additional one-year prison sentence in early August, stemming from a new case initiated during her incarceration.

Source » en-hrana