The Bavar-373 long-range air defence system that Iran is developing has successfully passed ballistic missile interception tests, Iranian news agencies reported the country’s deputy air defence commander as saying on 10 September.

Fars News Agency cited Brigadier General Mahmoud Ebrahiminejad as saying “a positive and very good test was conducted” last year.

Fars also reported that the deputy commander said that Iran is working on its own version of the Russian Pantsyr air defence system, which is armed with both missiles and 30 mm guns and is designed to protect high-value targets by destroying incoming guided weapons.

Tasnim News Agency quoted Brig Gen Ebrahiminejad as saying the Bavar-373 is “more powerful and reliable” than the S-300PMU2 systems Iran received in 2016, although the brigadier general added that its primary advantage over the Russian system is that it is entirely made in Iran.

Source » janes