Iran Regime Security Forces Arrest 13 Scholars of Spiritual Teacher

The state-run Tasnim news agency affiliated to the terrorist Quds force reported on Monday, September 11, that three supporters of a prominent spiritual teacher called Mohammad Ali Taheri who participated in the protest gathering against death sentence of their teacher, were arrested by the agents of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence on Monday.

Also, 10 other people were arrested during a party in Shahr-e Ray in the past few days on charges of planning a protest rally against Mr. Taheri’s death sentence.

According to Tasnim news agency, following the issuance of the death sentence for Mohammad Ali Taheri, the founder of Erfan Halqeh or Mystic Ring (a spiritual group), “these people gathered in the home of an activist under the pretext of a party for the purpose of designing and conducting gatherings, sit-ins, wearing shroud, and some other security measures in order to put pressure on the judiciary.”

Mohammad Ali Taheri, following the establishment of a cultural foundation called “Erfan Halqeh” and introducing a kind of therapy called “complementary medicine,” found many followers in Iran in the 1980s, but was arrested in 2010 and sentenced to death in 2014 for “corruption on earth.”

The Supreme Court overturned the verdict, but three weeks ago, Mr. Taheri’s lawyer announced that the regime’s judiciary has again sentenced him to death on the same charges.

Reissue of the death sentence for Mr. Taheri was followed by protests by some human rights defenders and a number of his followers.

The U.S. State Department and Amnesty International have also criticized the verdict and condemned it as a violation of human rights and contrary to Iran’s commitment to freedom of opinion.

Mr. Taheri, 61, has been imprisoned about six years ago, after the court sentenced him to five years in jail for insulting the sacred and blasphemy.

Source » ncr-iran

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