An Iranian daily has sounded the alarm regarding the potential danger posed by the Taliban along Iran’s borders reflecting concerns in Tehran.

Jomhouri-e Eslami newspaper wrote of the critical need to address the issue, highlighting the risks posed to both the eastern regions of Iran and the broader geopolitical landscape, while Tehran usually downplays the issue in a bid to retain calm.

The editorial speaks of the plight of the people of the eastern part of the country and the prolonged water shortages they endure at the hands of the Taliban which continues to refuse to deliver Iran’s water share from the Helmand River.

The newspaper claims that “safeguarding Iran’s rights and ensuring border security while preventing the spread of negative consequences from the Taliban’s authority in Afghanistan can be achieved through political means” in a call to arms to the nation.

Referencing the ruling Taliban leadership’s two-year reign, the newspaper highlighted Afghanistan’s 12% increase in the industrial production of narcotics and the surge in the production of methamphetamine. “This trend highlights the Taliban’s reliance on the narcotics trade as a source of revenue, effectively engaging in drug terrorism,” the newspaper wrote.

The editorial shows the regime’s growing concern about its Afghan neighbors, which in May saw two Iranians killed and one Taliban soldier dead in a border dispute over water rights. In August, an aerial photo circulating on social media led to extensive criticism of the government for “conceding” thousands of hectares of Iranian land to the Taliban. The photo shows a 130 km long security wall built by Iran at some distance from the border demarcation line with Afghanistan which is along the Hirmand (Helmand) River.

Source » iranintl