Protests have continued in Iran throughout the month of August, with at least 3,568 acts of protest reported by various social groups.

Continued strikes by oil and petrochemical workers: 3389 cases in 36 cities in 15 provinces.

Protests by different strata: 179 cases in 70 cities in 27 provinces

The statistics of protest movements based on each stratum are as follows:

Workers: 66 cases in 24 cities of 11 provinces
Doctors: 8 cases in 8 cities of 8 provinces
Students: 6 cases in 3 cities of 3 provinces
Retirees: 5 cases in 3 cities of 3 provinces
Farmers: 5 cases in 3 cities of 2 provinces
Educators: 5 cases in 2 cities of 2 provinces
Truckers: 4 cases in 3 cities of 3 provinces
Creditors: 4 cases in 2 cities of 2 provinces
Livestock farmers: 1 case in 1 city of 1 province
Nurses: 1 case in 1 city of 1 province
Poultry farmers: 1 case in 1 city of 1 province
Other categories: 68 cases in 44 cities of 24 provinces
Prisoners’ hunger strike: 5 cases in 4 cities in 4 provinces

Oil and Petrochemical Workers:

The contract workers of several companies affiliated with the oil and petrochemical industries launched a campaign on Saturday, June 19, 2021, to meet their demands, entitled ‘Global evacuation of twenty-ten 2021’, and this campaign gradually spread to different cities. Several workers left their workplaces and returned to their cities. The main demand of the workers is an increase in wages and the possibility of benefiting from 10 days of leave in exchange for 20 working days.

The strike gradually spread and by the end of August 2021, it finally reached 36 cities in 15 provinces and 98 locations. A total of 3389 workers protested.
Other workers’ protests:

In this month, workers in 66 different categories staged protests in 24 Iranian cities in 11 provinces, as follows:

Oil industry workers and power plants: This month, in addition to the strike, oil industry workers also held various rallies, including Khark terminal workers, Bahregan Island workers, Izeh project workers, OCDC project workers Isfahan refinery, welding and assembly workers in Qeshm oil reserves project Mobarakeh steel contract workers, Isfahan refinery repair workers.

This month, municipal workers in the cities of Miandoab, Omidieh, Saveh, Bushehr, Bustan, Ahvaz, and Kut Abdullah went on strike and rallied for one to several days. Members of the Oil and Gas Industry Workers’ Campaign held a large gathering in Hafshanjan. Workers of Haft Tappeh Sugar Company and workers of various parts of the Haft Tappeh Sugar Company went on strike and gathered for several days.

Also, third party workers of National Drilling Company, workers of Arak assembly machine group, workers of Siah Taher tunnel in Babajani trio, Saveh bus drivers, Urmia bus drivers, Sabalan power plant workers, Alvand, Mohammadieh, and Mehregan bus drivers in Qazvin, Azarmi company workers Workers of Pagen Company Dairy and Livestock Company in Nasimshahr, workers of Sepahan Dizicheh Cement Factory, protested.

Doctors’ protests:

Doctors staged eight protests in eight cities of eight provinces. These protests were held according to the previous call to protest the ruling medical mafia in the medical community, which was held in the cities of Tehran, Kerman, Shiraz, Mashhad, Hamedan, Yasuj, Khorramabad, and Kermanshah.


Students held at least six protests in three cities of three provinces, which are as follows: Gathering of interns, apprentices, and medical students of Hamedan to pursue their demands. Gathering of students at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences in protest of dormitory problems. Four days of internship strike in Kermanshah to follow the working and living conditions.


Retirees had five protests in three cities of three provinces, which are as follows:

Gathering of retirees and pensioners of Isfahan Steel Pension Fund to fulfill their demands. Gathering of retirees and pensioners of Khuzestan Steel Pension Fund to protest the non-receipt of their claims. Gathering of retirees of the Radio and Television Organization to realize their rights. Gathering of retirees of Tehran Steel Industries to pursue their demands.


Farmers had five protests in three cities of two provinces, which are as follows:

A gathering of farmers in East Isfahan to protest the non-release of Zayandeh River water and not receiving their water rights. Gathering of farmers in Parsabad in protest of the reduction of water flow in the canals and its lack of access to agricultural land. Rally of Darcheh farmers in protest of piping to transfer water to Isfahan refinery.


Educators held five protest movements in two cities of two provinces, which are as follows:

Gathering of literacy movement instructors in protest of not receiving their demands in Tehran. Gathering of teachers and educators in protest of the deduction of 200,000 Tomans from their salaries in Tehran.

A gathering of literacy movement instructors in Tehran who want to enter Education University and be employed in education. Educators protest at Shahed Girls’ High School in District 2 of Rasht during the vaccine injection in protest of the physical abuse of security officials with one of the educators.


Truckers held four protest movements in three cities of three provinces, which are as follows:

2-day gathering of truck drivers in Ardabil to protest low fares and the high price of spare parts. Strike of transit drivers in protest of non-compliance with their demands at the Mirjavah border. Closing the road from Bandar Abbas to Sirjan by Bandar Abbas truckers in protest of the high price of oil, tires and the lack of cargo, and the condition of the cargo.


Creditors had four protests in two cities of two provinces, which are as follows:

The gathering of the looted creditors of Pardis Housing Investment Company affiliated to Maskan Bank in Rasht. A two-day gathering of Caspian Institute looted creditors in Tehran. Gathering of users of Cryptoland Institute (Exchange) in Tehran.

Livestock farmers:

Izeh ranchers gathered in the town of Notregi to protest the lack of a fixed price list.


Nurses working for the Social Security Organization in Tehran gathered to protest the non-receipt of their demands, including special emergency and equal pay.

Poultry farmers:

Independent poultry farmers of Gilan gathered in Rasht to protest the discrimination of agricultural jihad against independent poultry farmers.

Other classes:

Other groups held 68 protests in 44 cities of 24 provinces, which fell into the following categories:

Protests on power outages:

The protests of the people of the south and center of Tehran in protest of the power while chanting slogans against the regime.

The protests of the people of Vavan town in Islamshahr in protest of the 8-hour daily power outage by the electricity department.

Protests of the people of Ravar in protest of the frequent power outages during the day and night. Gathering of Pars Abad people in protest of successive power outages. People of Malekshahi gather to protest frequent power outages. People of Qasr Shirin gather in protest of long-term and frequent power outages. Gathering and protesting of the people of Amol in protest of the power outage. The people of Babel gather in protest of the frequent power outages.

Widespread protests in Junqan:

The people of Junqan protested the arrest and severe beating of Habib Fadai and demanded his release.

Protests over water shortage:

Residents of Rabat Sardasht town protested the continuous water cut in the last few months. People of Marivan gather to protest the water shortage. Gathering of residents of Takleh Kendi village of Pars Abad due to lack of drinking water. People of Susangard gather in protest of water shortage.

Gathering of palm farmers in Khuzestan province in protest of water shortage, destruction of groves, pricing policies, and entry of brokers into purchases. People of Kahrizak gather to protest the water cut.

Gathering of residents of Damash village, Amarloo district, Rudbar city, in protest of water. Gathering of residents of Sefidkhani Miyaneh village to protest the lack of agricultural water and transfer of village water to other areas. Residents of villages around Hoveyzeh protest water shortage.

Offshore Oil Company Operating Staff:

A group of the operational staff of the Offshore Oil Company working in Bahregansar platform, a group of the operational staff of the Offshore Oil Company working in the operational area of ​​Bahregan platform Nowruz, a group of official employees of the Offshore Oil Company working in Qeshm operational area, and finally a group of operational employees of the Offshore Oil Company working in the Lavan operational area protested the restrictions imposed on their salaries.

Bakers’ protests:

A gathering of 150 bakers in Kermanshah province to protest the non-increase in bread prices. Gathering of bakers in Baharestan city in protest of not increasing the price of bread. Kazerun bakers struck in protest of low wages, rising flour prices, and rising rates of bakery water, electricity, and gas. Yazd bakers gather to protest the price of bread. Gathering of Zanjan bakers in protest of rising costs and non-increase in bread prices.

Protesting environmental degradation:

Gathering of residents of Siah Baz village to protest the destruction of the environment under the pretext of the existence of a lime mine. Gathering of residents of Hosseinabad village in Zanjan to protest the activation of iron ore mine in this village and environmental pollution.

Other protests:

Gathering of the people of Mashhad in solidarity with the protests in Khuzestan. Protest and clash of Naqadeh people in protest of the killing and wounding of two young people by the police officers.

Gathering of residents of Khozenin town to protest the problems of this town during the visit of Qazvin governor. Gathering of staff of Fars and Khuzestan provincial health centers in Shiraz and Ahvaz to protest the non-receipt of their demands.

A gathering of Reagan Khodro’s remittance owners in Tehran to protest the non-receipt of their cars. Gathering of supervising agricultural engineers in Ahvaz to protest the non-implementation of the employment plan approved after 2011.

Gathering of merchants and people of Ahvaz in protest of the high cost of transportation. Gathering of the employees of the Social Security Organization in Sari in protest of the non-equalization of their salaries with the employees of medical sciences.

Gathering of the staff of Rouhani Hospital in Babol in protest of reducing overtime and overtime. The gathering of unemployed youth of Qaleh Chenan in protest their situation and the employment of non-native forces in the Khuzestan steel industry in Ahvaz.

Prisoners’ hunger strike:

In this process, the prisoners took part in five hunger strikes in four cities of four provinces, which are as follows:

Elmira Habibi, a 33-year-old ordinary prisoner in Urmia Central Prison, protested the unfair process of her case.

Naib Askari, a political prisoner in Urmia Central Prison who suffers from kidney disease, protested the prison authorities’ refusal to send him to the hospital.

Khaled Pirzadeh, a political prisoner in exile in Sheiban Prison in Ahvaz, in protest of the eviction order and the beating of his wife and intimidation of his 10-year-old daughter.

Athena Daemi political prisoner in Rasht Central Prison in protest of repeated telephone interruptions and inefficient prison management.

Reza Mehregan, a civil activist in Evin Prison, protested being transferred to quarantine despite a negative coronavirus test result.

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