After the presidential election, this is an important perception, a strong idea, a very good idea that such a meeting is being held.

In any case, Iran is a kind of regional key in the Persian Gulf. Hence, giving it continuous attention is important. It is clear that the IRGC and the clerical regime in Iran destabilize countries such as Syria, Iraq, Lebanon.

The presidential election showed a vast number of people didn’t turn out with almost half of the voters, probably because the candidates selected by the religious authority did not represent all opinions.

We must pursue and encourage those who want to modernize Iran, meaning the open democracy of a country with a ruling class, elites, engineers, academics, scientists, high-quality entrepreneurs. I believe that they have the right to enjoy the same facilities that are offered to the most advanced countries.

I simply have to say that we, the Europeans and French, are monitoring very closely what is happening in Iran, because we know that there will be no progress, lasting peace, free and respectful exchanges, strong partnership, without strong change.

Yes, indeed, it is our duty to know well what is happening in Iran, and paying attention, listening, and conveying the truth, is the message of sympathy for all those who, like the EU, have more freedom, more democracy in their lives. Hence, they defend these rights. Peace is inalienable with prosperity, and peace necessitates the freedom of all. Iranians have precisely the same right.

Source » washingtontimes