Iran is biggest risk to peace

In 1994 Bill Clinton gave North Korea $5bn and two nuclear reactors, hoping to curb its push to nuclear weaponisation.

In 2015, Barack Obama led the way to legitimise and fund Iran’s nuclear ambitions and dreams of world hegemony.

Today’s crisis on the Korean peninsula is the preview of the real battle to come. Korea is a regional threat. Iran has grander designs.

Iran is intensely watching the jousting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. If the West blinks and North Korea is allowed to have its nuclear arsenal, Iran will be unstoppable.

Iran and its proxies have carried out attacks in Argentina, the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere. It would gladly sacrifice a few million shahids in the conflagration with Israel.

A nuclear North Korea will guarantee a nuclear Iran. The West will have to capitulate to the caliphate or fight. Europe has already thrown in the towel. The fate of the free world rests with America.

Source » belfasttelegraph

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