A key Republican political strategist who organized resistance to the Iran deal on Capitol Hill contended late Saturday that former officials who served under Obama administration were attempting to orchestrate plans assisting European nations to work around new sanctions on Iran slated by the Trump administration after dumping the failed deal.

“[Richard] Goldberg was reacting to former Secretary of State John Kerry’s admission last week that he had been meeting with Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif in an effort to persuade Iran to stick with the now-defunct Iran nuclear deal, which President Donald Trump withdrew from in May,” Breitbart News reported.

Kerry lambasted for wheedling Europe to support Iran

The man taking over Kerry’s leadership at the State Department tore into the Muslim-sympathizing Democrat for trying to keep his broken Iran deal alive.

“Though Kerry’s successor, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, blasted his freelance diplomacy … and others have suggested he had violated the Logan Act – the same archaic legislation once used as a pretext to spy on incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn – Kerry’s allies from the Obama administration rallied to his defense,” Breitbart’s Joel B. Pollack explained.

Pompeo shamed Kerry in front of reporters at the State Department Friday, rebuking his predecessor for irresponsible and reckless behavior that essentially supports Islamic terrorism.

“What Secretary Kerry has done is unseemly and unprecedented,” Pompeo insisted, according to CNN. “This is a former secretary of state engaged with the world’s largest state sponsor of terror and according to him – he was talking to them … he was telling them to wait out this administration. You can’t find precedent for this in U.S. history, and the secretary ought not engage in this kind of behavior – it’s beyond inappropriate.”

Corroborating Pompeo’s sentiment on the matter, Goldberg took to social media and informed his followers that his European sources told him officials who served under former President Barack Obama have been informing numerous European governments about ways they could dodge the new sanctions against Iran that were announced months ago by President Donald Trump’s State Department.

“I have been told by banking officials in Europe that former senior Obama officials worked with European officials to design sanctions evasion schemes,” Goldberg tweeted Sunday. “This effort was likely closely coordinated with the Islamic Republic. Hard to imagine Kerry didn’t discuss these efforts, as well.”

Not slated to be enforced until November, the new sanctions against Iran essentially command banks throughout Europe to pick a side and either do business with Iran or the United States – but not both.

But Kerry allegedly has been busy at work devising a strategy to bypass the Trump directive.

“It is not clear which officials Goldberg was referring to, but Kerry has been openly working to salvage the nuclear deal – the signature foreign policy achievement of the Obama administration – and to oppose the Trump administration’s policy toward the regime … even as Iran faces new political and economic pressures that could force it back to the negotiating table,” Pollack explained.

The former Democratic secretary of state and presidential candidate notorious for his “flip-flop” on key issues reportedly has a track record of doing all he can to assist the Islamic Republic – and his track record over the years attests to it.

“Earlier in 2018, Kerry was reported to have met with Iranian officials to work together on stopping President Trump from withdrawing from the nuclear deal,” Pollack added. “In 2016, while still in office, Kerry encouraged European banks to do business with Iran, ostensibly to shore up the Iran deal.”

Kerry’s audacity

Even the left-leaning media in the nation’ capital is amazed that Kerry has gotten away with subverting governmental authority and devising ways to keep his sinking Iran deal afloat.

“Democrats routinely express outrage over claims of collusion with a foreign power to undermine our democracy, [s]o where is the outrage over revelations that former Secretary of State John Kerry held not one, but two, secret meetings with Iran’s foreign minister to strategize over how to undermine President Trump’s plans to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal?” a column in The Washington Post posed.

After The Boston Globe revealed Kerry’s unwarranted interference, a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry asserted that former Obama officials defending the Iran deal still have clout.

“We don’t see the U.S. just as Mr. Trump; the United States is not just the current ruling administration,” the Iranian spokesman declared, according to the Post.

The op-ed in the D.C. daily shined some new light on the significance of Kerry’s unprecedented actions.

“Think about what this means – Iran is a terrorist state responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans in Iraq, whose leaders hold rallies where thousands chant ‘Death to America!’” Washington Post columnist Marc A. Thiessen stressed. “Kerry was working with a sworn enemy of the United States to try to undermine the foreign policy of the elected president of the United States.”

Iranian sanctions fight terrorism

Months ago – when the new sanctions were revealed – Trump made it clear that America is not putting up with the Islamic terrorist-harboring nation’s covert schemes to continue production of its militant nuclear weapons program run under the guise of a nuclear energy program.

The Iran sanctions have officially been cast,” Trump tweeted on August 7. “These are the most biting sanctions ever imposed, and in November, they ratchet up to yet another level. Anyone doing business with Iran will NOT be doing business with the United States. I am asking for WORLD PEACE – nothing less!”

Kerry rallying European support for Iran

Kerry has seen some success in rallying Europe to garner his pro-Iranian sentiment, as many European leaders have indicated that they are not on board with Trump.

“We are determined to protect European economic operators engaged in legitimate business with Iran,” a joint statement prepared last month by the foreign ministers of Britain, France, Germany and the European Union reads.

It should also be noted that both Russia and China signed on to the 2015 deal.

Who’s for sanctions and against terrorism?

Apparently, only nations with deep ties to Iran would opt to side with the Middle Eastern nations over America.

“By restoring the sanctions, the United States is effectively forcing its allies to go along with the penalties – pressuring major European companies to choose between the tiny Iranian market and the huge American market,” The New York Times informed in August.

Despite the fact that the Bavarian foreign minister wants to defend businesses choosing to do business with the Islamic Republic, Germany’s most famous car maker is behind Trump’s sanctions against Iran.

“We have suspended our activities in Iran – which were anyway very limited – until further notice, according to applicable sanctions,” a statement issued last month by Daimler – the German maker of Mercedes-Benz cars and trucks – declared, according to the Times.

More and more European leaders are refusing to follow Kerry’s directive.

“In the past few months – and especially since the appointment of Richard Grenell as U.S. ambassador to Germany – several European companies have pulled out of Iran,” Pollack recounted.

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