Hackers linked and affiliated with the Iranian government are now capable of cracking encrypted messaging systems such as Telegram and WhatsApp, according to digital security reports released on Friday.

Published by cybersecurity technology firm Check Point Software Technologies and digital security-focused human rights organization Miaan Group, the reports suggested that the Iranian hacking operation includes a vast array of targets from domestic dissidents to religious and ethnic minorities, as well as anti-government activists abroad and even the general public.

“Iran’s behavior on the internet, from censorship to hacking, has become more aggressive than ever,” Amir Rashidi, the director of digital rights and security at Miaan, and a researcher for one of the reports, told the New York Times.

Using malware disguised as Android applications, Iranian hackers successfully overcame encryptions set up by messaging apps and infiltrated targets’ supposedly secure mobile phones and computers.

The reports come after the US recently issue warnings over Iran’s attempts to cyber-sabotage and influence its upcoming elections in November.

Source » arabnews

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